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Long-Time Student Moves Up In The
Done something newsworthy? Is your band playing somewhere?
This is the place to post it!!!
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Brian Grosso is forming a new band as we speak. Stay tuned for details.
Evan Melter's band, The Parking Lot Police, is preparing to perform at a number of local shows.
You can check out their
website for details.
The Parking Lot Police Plays Major Local Venue
Evan M.'s band , The parking Lot Police has a major gig this Friday! Click here to get the skinny!
Nick Sansone, a long-time student of Andy Rykowski, is currently pursuing a new venture. He has applied for
and been accepted to The Drummer's Collective in Manhattan- N.Y.C., New York. His enrollment has already
begun. Upon speaking to Mr. Sansone, we have been told that he is learning a great deal, and that he intends to
take some tutorial lessons  back here at the Institute when the time will allow. Congratulations, Mr. Sansone, we
wish you the very pinnacle of success; you deserve it!
Student Bands
Mike Cohen's band, Alone With a Ghost, performs regularly, both on NYC and on the Island.  You can check
out their
website for details.
*News Archive*
Two students of instructor Andy Rykowski made the cut this year, securing themselves chairs in All County Band.

Katherine Casale, who studied with Andy for the last three years, secured herself  a spot with the
(Suffolk County Music Educators' Association) All County Festival Concert Band, as a result of last year's
stellar performances of her NYSSMA pieces. She performed solo pieces for both Snare and Drum Set, for which
she studied with Mr. Rykowski. She also performed solos for Tympani and Marimba, for which she prepared
with Jerry Ricci of the Long Island Drum School, the school for which Mr. Rykowski taught before establishing
The Dee Ri Institute Of Drums and Percussion. Four NYSSMA solos in one year; if she can do that, no one can
claim they have no time for practice!

Justin Niosi, who also studies with Mr. Rykowski, won himself a spot with the NMEA (Nassau Music
Educators' Association) All-Nassau County Concert Band, a result if his great performance at 2004's NYSSMA
Solo Festival performance on Snare Drum.

Congratulations to you both! You should be as proud of yourselves as we are of you!
Long Time Student Accepted to N.Y.U.
Josh Hoffman, a long-term student of  instructor Andy Rykowski, has recently been accepted to N.Y.U., declaring
a major of Jazz Performance. He will report in Fall of 2005. Many long hours of practice and preparation made
this accomplishment possible. Good luck, Mr. Hoffman; if you put this effort forth when you get there, you're sure
to be a success!
To view this year's NYSSMA scores of the Students at the Institute,
click here.
Two Students Make All County Bands
Mike Cohen and his band Alone With a Ghost have completed their album "Misconceptions and Mishaps".
I can tell you by my listening to this work that it is awesome. The album contains only 4 track, but the reason for
that is that the songs are nice, long flowing pieces that command the respect that quality over quantity deserves.
The album is available for purchase by contacting the band at their site which is easily reachable
by clicking
Institute Regular Releases Disc
Institute Student Expands Into Other Artist Mediums
Matt R., a long time Institute student, has been an artist for a very long time He has recently, however, brought his
artistic vision to the forefront by entering pieces of his work into local art festivals. Here are a few examples of
his entries. Stay tuned for info as to where you can check his work out on this page in the not too distant future.
A Milestone
Longest Tenure Student Goes To The Next Level

Sean Frank, a seven year veteran with Andy Rykowski, had been accepted to Northeastern University in Boston as
a business major. He will report to classes in late August. We here at the Institute, who have had the great privilege
of working with this young man of unlimited potential, wish him the best of luck and success.
He has also been awarded the pinnacle (and most difficult to achieve) of accolades that this school has to offer: a
lifetime offer to attend lessons tuition free. Will you be next? Study hard, folks!!!
Our pal Danny has composed a drum solo that is posted on Facebook!
here to check it out
Creativity Finds A New Venue
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Matt R. and his band's been doing a bit of performing, some of which is posted on Facebook!
here to check it out
Institute Student Makes All-County Concert Band
Jillian Power, a long standing Institute student is proof- positive that hard work and dedication is not without its
rewards. She has been selected by NMEA (Nassau County Music Educators' Association) to perform with
the All Nassau County Concert Band. We here at the Institute couldn't be more proud of her.
A follow-up article will be posted after her performance.

Congratulations, Jake Kaypour!
Young Mr. K. recently had his bar mitzvah. His family was generous in inviting his instructor,
our primary instructor Andy Rykowski to the party. Jake was surprised with a new Gretsch
Kit as a gift from his folks, which he performed on during the festivities. We could not be
more proud of you, sir!

All-State Contestant Gets Perfect Score
Jillian Power, a long-standing student of the Institute, succeeded at the most difficult task in
the NYSSMA system- earning a score of 100% at her All-State Audition for snare drum.
We are immeasurably proud of her!

Her next step? She waits.
The All-State Program chooses their band member from the candidates
who achieve perfect scores. We wait with her for the news of her inclusion.
Will she make it? You'll be the first know. Stay tuned...

Update: Miss Power has informed us that she received notification by the committee
of her status as an alternate for All-State. We are, again, so very proud of her and we will
be diligently campaigning to upgrade her status to performer.