Bumper Stickers!!!

We now offer nylon- tipped hickory drumsticks made for us by the good folks at Vater in two models:
Manhattan 7A and 5A, both emblazened with our handsome logo!
Either model of these very fast, medium weight sticks can take a vicious beating! Hit hard-
we'll make more...

$8.00 / Pair + s&h
$22.50 / 3 Pairs + s&h
$75.00 / Dozen - s&h is free!
Shirt  A
Shirt  B

Knit caps for winter!!!
Our Black Knit Caps are perfect for shielding you against the harsh elements of winter wherever you go!
These fashionable black with white embroidery (11,800 stitches) will not only keep yer melon warm, but proudly
announce to all that you study here!