Practice Sessions
Practice (prak´-tis) : the act of repeating a skill many times over with the
purpose of perfecting that skill.
Sample Tracks of My Warm-ups and Practice Sessions in mp3 format...
Early Warm-ups
Experimenting with time
*From this point on, my practices will be posted by date, and each practice subject will have its own track. They will all be
unedited and uncut so that you may experience every flaw and triumph; I'd like for you to see my progress!
August 14, 2006
Sample Videos of My Warm-ups and Practice Sessions in wmv format...
May 14, 2008
Studying p.1 of Akira Jimbo's "Wasabi"
August 1, 2009
Honing some new sounds
August 18, 2009
Sometimes just trying to shoehorn some things into a pre-existing song is the best
way to comfortably go for it during a performance. Here are a few examples.
September 1, 2009