Knowing these simple guidelines ensures that communication between student and school is optimized, so please read carefully. If you have
any questions, do not hesitate in calling us.
NEW 0. The Institute's Covid -19 (or any other pathogen) Protocol.

1. New measures have been adopted to separate your work space from your instructor's by means of a acrylic baffle and clear plastic film.
This arrangement must be respected at all times.

2. The seat you use will be sprayed with disinfectant before your usage, as will the studio's student headphones set.
If you wish to provide your own headphones, y
ou are welcome to do so.

The waiting room will be available for only 1 student's parents/guardians/guests at a time.
We ask the incoming student and his/her party to wait until the room is cleared of the previous inhabitants before entering.
A sign reflecting the status of the room will be posted on the entrance door.
Hand sanitizer will be made available in the waiting room.

4. All participants must wear proper PPE (personal protection equipment, [i.e. mask]) as per the mandate
set by the Governor of the State of New York as protocol for public spaces.
You must also use your own sticks.
If you forget them, a pair must be purchased from the Institute and will then be considered PPE, to be taken home with you.

Even with these precautions in place, there is always a possibility, albeit minute, of transmission in a public space such as this.
By entering our facility, you are voluntarily assuming responsibility and entering at your own risk.
You will be asked to sign a statement of acknowledgement of this fact.
Your signature relinquishes the Institute and its staff of any responsibility should the case arise.
Your study here is contingent upon a signed agreement.
Those who choose to continue online instruction are welcome to do so.
Provisions to improve
both the studio and online experiences are always ongoing.

1. Lessons will be given on a weekly basis,
and will be based upon the 4 1/2 week month. Therefore , most of the time, you will receive 4 lessons per month,
with the possibility of 5 on the  occasional month.
Example: If your lessons are booked for Monday and there are 4 Mondays in a given month, you receive 4 lessons.
If there are 5 Mondays, you receive 5, etc.

2. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, in advance of your month's lessons.
Payment can be mailed to the Institute in advance of your month's first lesson, or given to your instructor on the day of your month‘s first
lesson. No lessons will be administered without payment in full. Payment can be made by:
cash, check, money order or digital means
(fee may apply)
payable to: “The Dee Ri Institute”
*A late fee of $15.00 will be added to your tuition for any payment in delinquency exceeding 28 days.

3. Missed Lesson Policy.
When signing up for lessons at the Institute, you are agreeing to make your study here a priority and attend all lessons.  A block of time in your
instructor’s schedule is reserved for you, not to be encroached upon by any other attendees.  If you need/want to skip a lesson, the time for
that lesson is lost to both you and the Institute. Therefore, no tuition for that lesson can be refunded.  In the case that the Institute cancels your
lesson, you will be eligible for make-up lesson status at no additional fee.

4. Make- up Lessons.
At times, there are voids in your teacher’s schedule. Provided that you have called 24 hours in advance to cancel your lesson, you may
arrange to redeem your missed lesson time at the convenience of your instructor, and
only if such a void in his/her schedule exists. You may
arrange to make up one lesson per month at no additional fee.
Beyond that, a fee of $12.50 for each in-studio make-up lesson and $25.00 for each home make-up lesson will be added to your following
month‘s tuition invoice. Failure to call within 24 hours will nullify your eligibility for a make-up lesson. You have a period of 2 months to redeem
any one missed lesson. Your missed lesson time will be documented for you within this time period. After this time period, your missed lesson
time is forfeited.

5. Holidays.
The Institute is closed on a number of dates due to their holiday status.
Make-up lessons will be made available under the same parameters as explained in policy No. 4.
Our holiday schedule is as follows.
Christmas Eve and Day, New Year's Eve and Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day,
The Fourth of July, Easter, and Labor Day.
Any religious holiday not listed here will be considered for a make-up lesson at no additional fee.

6. Bad weather closing.
Not all schools close under the same weather conditions. Therefore, if there is doubt in your mind as to whether there will be lessons on a day
that we get significant snow or other bad weather conditions, call the Institute. If there is no one in the office, a text will be sent to you to reflect
our open/closed status.

7. Security Through Supervision.
Once dropped off by a parent or guardian, any student who is under the age of 18 must remain in the Institute’s facility unless escorted to the
parent’s/ guardian’s vehicle by a staff member. If the parent or guardian of the student is not present before the next scheduled student
arrives, that parent or guardian will have to enter the facility to retrieve their child, and must alert the instructor on duty of their presence and
departure with the student.

8. Respecting Your Instructor and The Equipment At The Institute.
We here at the Institute make a tremendous effort to offer you a facility unmatched in the quality of it’s equipment and learning environment.
The following list of guidelines illustrates behavior that is expected of everyone who enters our door,
be they student, parent or any other guest.

* You must wipe your feet before entering the facility.
*Your coat must be hung on a hook in the studio or in the waiting room.
*You must not lean on or touch the walls.
Never  touch any decorative items without clear consent of your instructor.
*Sticks must be secured in a bag so as not to scratch our  walls,  equipment or any cars in the driveway.
*Your sticks are
only to be used on a practice pad or the student kit, not walls, floor, or furniture, for example.
*The drums must be used only in a manner appropriate to performance, and the shells should not  be stricken with a stick or any other
*The bathroom is to be kept clean, toilet must be flushed and hands must be washed after use and before exiting.
Any damage done to the facility or to either the equipment or artwork therein will be charged to your tuition, and your studies here may be
terminated at the discretion of your instructor.
Updated 6-1-2020
These rules are subject to our changing situation.  
You will be notified of these changes via text or email and your response to said communication will serve as
acknowledgement of your review of them and will act as your digital signature.