Learning at our facility
The benefits or learning here are that we always include the following equipment and services:
A spotless, comfortable, climate-controlled learning environment that is well-lit and adorned with vibrant color and plenty of
artful touches
. We believe that your surroundings make a big difference in your mind's well being and effect your attitude towards
*We boast two world-class drum kits- one for the instructor, and one for the student. We believe that our students should have the
benefit of the best equipment. In doing this not only do we eliminate possibility of mechanical complications during a session, but the
students always feel better when the drums they play sound second to none!
*We utilize a top-notch audio system, including 16 strategically-placed microphones and sound isolation headphones to protect our
hearing and optimize communications between instructor and student.
*We record your lesson for you in a choice of CD or DVD formats, either of which are free to take home right after your lesson!

Learning at home
Some of us just need to have lessons in our homes, on our own set. Although we strongly recommend learning at our facility,
we do oblige this service.

Master Classes and Group Rates
A  group rate is a discounted price offered to parents that may have more than one child wishing to attend lessons.
A master class is a lesson given to a group of drummers wishing to learn a particular drumming skill in a session together. Subject matter
is discussed in advance.

Customizable Curriculum
In addition to the many books in our current library, custom worksheets may be provided to cover subject matter not currently available in
publication. This service is offered at no additional charge!

Lessons at the Institute: $120.00/month of 1/2 hour lessons on a weekly basis.
Lessons at home: $200.00/month of 1/2 hour lessons on a weekly basis.
Group rate: 10% off your entire tuition bill for two or more students.
Master classes: each class  $75.00/ hour for the first 4 students. Additional $10.00/hour for each additional student.
CD recording or digital media recording of your lessons: No additional charge; we provide CD's. *
*Service only available in-studio.
Phone:516.582.1966                                                                                Email:deeri@optonline.net