Age Yes

Place of Birth Mineola, New York

Notable Teachers Al Miller, Dom Famularo, John Van Gasteren, Douglas Di Salvo, Dennis Di Rienzo, Eugene Neil,
                       Dr. Leon Dodson, Dr. Ray Copeland

Time playing  Loads

Instrumental influences Neil Peart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich, Marco Minemann, Chad Wackerman, Steve
Gadd                                           Danny Carey, too many others

What would you like to accomplish with this band?  World domination, world destruction, world peace...I can't

What are your thoughts on the current state of music in general?  It could use some improvement.

Top 5 bands you listen to currently Tool, The Police, Soundgarden, Rush, Dave Matthews Band

If you had to pick 5 people who you think are your most important artists: Prince
                                                                                                                      Stevie Wonder
                                                                                                                      Dave Matthews
                                                                                                                      Frank Zappa
                                                                                                                      (in no special order)

Favorite color Any shade of purple

Favorite food Anything that once lived

Favorite books The Stand, many comic book titles, Broken Music, Happy Endings, The Bible

Favorite movies Young Frankenstein, The Crow, Seven, Fight Club, The entire run of Kevin Smith Films

Biggest personal accomplishments Stay tuned

Biggest personal regrets Remaining silent for too long

Most Lofty aspiration Growing superfluous appendages.
Dee Ri
Drums &Percussion