"High Performance Paradiddles" - 80 pages, - $12.50 + S&H
My first book!
Written as a companion piece to the Al Miller Catalog of books, this book is a systematic approach to the
rudiment. With 34 ways to use each measure,you can either dabble in this book casually, or delve into it
as deeply as you ever could wish. You'll certainly make a great investment in your drumming future by
obtaining a copy today!
Copyright © 2000 Andrew E Rykowski
"Frankendrummer" - 118 pages, $15.00 + S&H
This book is a compilation of worksheets that I developed for my students over around a four year
period. The reason for the worksheets was to fill a void that I found in the publishing world on certain
subject matter, and to offer material with more clarity in subjects that have been previously covered.
Subjects include: Exercises, Grooves, Grooves In Odd Time, Snare Solos, A 46 Page Chapter Devoted
To Double-Bass Drumming, and Fills. A must have!
Copyright © 2001 Andrew E Rykowski
"Son Of Frankendrummer"-127 pages $15.00 + S&H
This is the long- anticipated follow-up book that takes up where "Frankendrummer" left off: more
exercises, groove patterns in various time signatures, double bass techniques,and breakdowns of
various other techniques, as well as comprehensive explanations of advanced tuplet systems.
If you muscled your way through "Frankendrummer," you owe it to yourself to order yourself a copy
Copyright © 2007 Andrew E Rykowski

"All Together Now..." - 300 pages, $22.50 + S&H
Eight years in the making, this is
one of the most unique books of multiple- drummer pieces ever written!
Written as recital pieces, test your skills at performing alongside other drummers with the
musicianship being that of your fellow drummers. Pieces range from two to five players, with multiple
playing scenarios for each piece.
Copyright © 2009 Andrew E Rykowski

NEW!!! Young Frankendrummer
The next in the Frankendrummer series!
t deals with the most advanced subject matter to date, including multi-pedal play,
advanced polyrhythms and the long-awaited transcription of the heel-toe
Copyright © 2
020 Andrew E Rykowski

"Higher Performance Paradiddles." - 109 pages, $11.50 + S&H
This is a tough 'un! You will need to work in High Performance Paradiddles before making the jump to
this monster! Oh, it's well worth the effort, I can tell you...
Copyright © 2013 Andrew E Rykowski