The Instructor Kit-
*Pearl BLX Shells
*Paiste, Zildjian and Wuhan Cymbals
*LP Cowbells and Woodblocks   
The Student Kit-
*Mapex Pro M Series Shells
*Bosphorus, Paiste, Sabian, Wuhan and Zildjian Cymbals   
*LP Cowbells
Sound- dampening angle foam
panels are employed to alleviate
the room of unwanted echo.
Ultra-duty vulcanized rubber mats
cut down on floor vibration.
Our Mackie Mixing Board manages the levels
of sound produced through 18 microphones.
Safety first! To ensure
uninterrupted communication and
hearing protection, sound isolation
headphones are used at all times.
*Your lesson is recorded to Compact Disc, via our board, CD-R unit and  16 microphones strategically placed around the kits and  studio.
We provide the discs. This service is included at no additional tuition. Video on DVD is also available.
\We also believe in having a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment, so we are completely climate- controlled, and boast an artful studio and waiting room.
The following is our photo tour of the Institute and its surroundings.
We've added a sound
screen to further isolate
and improve the sound of
our student kit, which
greatly enhances the
quality of your lesson's
The latest layout of our student kit.
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